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Current Line-Up

Airforce guitarist Chop Pitman

Chop Pitman


The Captain of Airforce, who kept the band going throughout the years

Airforce drummer Doug Samspon

Doug Sampson


Our legendary drummer, who performed and recorded with Iron Maiden

Airforce bassist Tony Hatton

Tony Hatton


Our mighty bass player, who drives the band with his aggressive playing style

Airforce singer Lino

Flavio Lino


Our latest reqruit on vocals, who brought a new edge to our music with his powerful voice

Airforce history

Airforce, a Traditional Metal band, was formed in the North East of London in 1986, when Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, introduced his former drummer Doug Sampson to guitarist Chop Pitman. Tony Hatton, an ex-band mate of Chop, joined forces on bass soon after. Airforce gigged together for over 11 years with various vocalists, including Sam Sampson and Rolf Prommel. 

After disbanding in 1997, Airforce took to the stage once again in 2008 with Chop Pitman being the only original member involved. The band underwent a number of line-up changes over the next 8 years until 2016, when the retro-spective album "Judgement Day" was released. This album marked the return of the original Airforce line-up of Chop Pitman, Doug Sampson and Tony Hatton, with new recruit Dilian Arnaudov on vocals. 

Airforce released several EPs, including songs with guest appearances from former Iron Maiden vocalists Paul Di’Anno and Paul Mario Day. Their most memorable live performances include North American tours which won loyalty of new fans, as well as the appearance on Hills of Rock festival in Bulgaria, where they played on the same bill as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. 

In March 2019 the band’s show in Poland was broadcasted live on the internet and later released as the live album. This show marked the debut of Portuguese singer Flavio Lino, who joined Airforce later that year as the lead singer. The new album Strike Hard with Lino on vocals was recorded and released during the 2020 lockdown. 

The band continued to tour the UK as well as taking their show to more countries, both in Europe and across the Atlantic, including some festival appearances and  successful tours supporting Steve Harris’ British Lion in 2021, 2022 and 2023. 

When you hear the air-raid siren, you'll know the hour of Airforce has arrived. 


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